Skills Development Specialists (SDS) is a fully accredited training provider (Accreditation. No TETA: 03-022) to the Clearing and Forwarding Industry.  

SDS gives all our clients the opportunity, to select our courses as accredited or non-accredited. Students who wish to continue with the assessment/moderation process for the issuance of NQF credits through the Transport Education and Training Authority, have the option to indicate this on the enrolment form. Our assessors will contact the relevant student and take the assessment and moderation process forward.

The Mandatory Grant - For non-accredited courses 

Make sure you are registered with the appropriate SETA for your industry and that you are paying Skills Development Levies (SDL). Submit a training plan to your SETA, This plan is called a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP). Then submit your Annual Training Report (ATR) to your SETA, specifying your compliance with your own Workplace Skills Plan. The deadline for both the WSP and ATR is April 30. This qualifies you for a percentage-based rebate on funds contributed to the SDL.

The Discretionary Grant as it applies to Registered Skills Programs

Among other things, the discretionary grant also applies to pre-approved training on registered skills programs.  Registered skills programs are made up of one or a group of unit standards.  SDS has five Skills Programs registered with TETA against our name as accredited providers.  They are listed hereunder:

SDS 1®: SA Customs Compliance Part I - TETA Skills Programme Registration No. 04SP20119525208

SDS 2®: SA Customs Compliance Part II - TETA Skills Programme Registration No. 04SP20119525204

SA Export Compliance - TETA Skills Programme Registration No. 04SP2011952541

International Forwarding Part 1 - TETA Skills Programme Registration No. 04SP20119525146

International Forwarding Part 2 (The Freight Science Practitioner) - TETA Skills Programme Registration No. 04SP20119525211

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